Customizing Your 2023 Ford Bronco: Top Configuration Options

Customizing Your 2023 Ford Bronco: Top Configuration Options

Get ready to rev up your adventure with the 2023 Ford Bronco! If you’re looking to customize your ride for maximum off-road excitement, we’ve got you covered. From rugged trims to personalized extras, this blog will guide you through the top configuration options to make your Bronco uniquely yours. Let’s dive in and discover how you can elevate your driving experience with the perfect setup tailored just for you.

Top Configuration Options for Your 2023 Ford Bronco

When it comes to customizing your 2023 Ford Bronco, the first step is choosing the right trim level. The lineup offers a variety of options, each catering to different preferences and driving styles. From the rugged Base model to the off-road beast that is the Raptor, there’s something for everyone.
The Big Bend® trim adds some creature comforts without sacrificing capability, while the Black Diamond® is ready for rough terrain with its heavy-duty features. For those seeking a touch of elegance, the Outer Banks® trim delivers style and substance in one package.
If you’re all about nostalgia and classic vibes, consider the Heritage or Heritage Limited models. Looking for unrivaled off-road performance? The Badlands®, Wildtrak®, or Everglades™ trims have got you covered with their specialized features designed for tackling any terrain.

Ford Bronco Trims

The 2023 Ford Bronco offers a range of trims to suit different preferences and needs. Starting with the base model, it provides a solid foundation for those looking for a rugged yet versatile SUV. The Big Bend® trim adds comfort features like heated seats and remote start, ideal for daily driving.

For off-road enthusiasts, the Black Diamond® trim enhances durability with heavy-duty components like steel bumpers and rock rails. The Outer Banks® trim focuses on style with refined interior touches and unique design elements. Heritage models pay homage to the Bronco’s legacy while offering modern conveniences.

The Badlands®, Wildtrak®, Everglades™, and Raptor® trims cater to serious adventurers, each emphasizing varying levels of off-road capability and performance enhancements. With such diverse options available, there’s a Ford Bronco trim suited for every driver’s lifestyle.

Ford Bronco Base

The 2023 Ford Bronco Base trim offers a solid foundation for off-road enthusiasts. With its rugged design and capable performance, this entry-level model sets the stage for adventure.

Equipped with essential features like four-wheel drive and removable doors, the Base trim is ready to tackle various terrains. Its classic styling pays configurations for 2023 ford bronco homage to the original Bronco while incorporating modern updates for comfort and convenience.

Inside, you’ll find a functional interior designed for durability and ease of use. The Base trim provides ample space for passengers and cargo without compromising on comfort.

Whether you’re cruising through city streets or navigating rough trails, the 2023 Ford Bronco Base ensures a thrilling driving experience every time.

Ford Bronco Big Bend®

The 2023 Ford Bronco Big Bend® trim offers a perfect balance of ruggedness and comfort for off-road enthusiasts. With its signature black grille, 17-inch carbonized gray-painted high-gloss aluminum wheels, and available Sasquatch Package, this model is ready to tackle any terrain with style.

Inside, the Big Bend® welcomes you with easy-to-clean cloth seats, rubberized flooring for easy cleanup after outdoor adventures, and an available SYNC® 4 system with an 8-inch touchscreen for seamless connectivity on the go. Whether cruising through city streets or conquering rocky trails, this trim ensures a smooth ride with its standard Terrain Management System™ and available Trail Control™ feature.

Equipped with a standard 2.3L EcoBoost engine paired with a seven-speed manual transmission or optional ten-speed automatic transmission, the Bronco Big Bend® delivers both power and efficiency to enhance your driving experience.

2023 Ford Bronco Black Diamond®

The 2023 Ford Bronco Black Diamond® trim is designed for those who seek adventure off the beaten path. With its rugged exterior and durable interior, this model is ready to take on any terrain with confidence. The standard heavy-duty bash plates protect vital components underneath from rough terrain impacts.

Equipped with rock rails, steel bumpers, and a rear locking differential, the Black Diamond® handles challenging trails like a pro. Its unique marine-grade vinyl seats are water-resistant, making cleanup after muddy excursions a breeze. Plus, ample storage solutions ensure you can pack all your gear for extended adventures.

The available Sasquatch Package adds even more capability with larger tires, high-clearance suspension, electronic-locking front/rear axles – perfect for conquering tough obstacles. Whether navigating rocky slopes or muddy paths, the 2023 Ford Bronco Black Diamond® is built to exceed expectations in every off-road scenario possible.

2023 Ford Bronco Outer Banks®

The 2023 Ford Bronco Outer Banks® trim is a versatile option that combines rugged capability with refined style. With its distinctive design elements and premium features, this model stands out on and off the road.

Equipped with advanced off-road technology like Trail One-Pedal Drive™ and available front stabilizer bar disconnect, the Outer Banks® is ready for any adventure you throw its way. Whether navigating rocky terrain or cruising through city streets, this trim offers a smooth and responsive driving experience.

Inside, the Outer Banks® boasts a luxurious interior with leather-trimmed seats, a heated steering wheel, and an optional B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen for an immersive audio experience. The attention to detail in both design and functionality sets this trim apart as a top choice for those seeking comfort without compromising on performance.

For those looking to make a statement while exploring the great outdoors, the 2023 Ford Bronco Outer Banks® delivers both style and substance in one impressive package.

2023 Ford Bronco Heritage

Step back in time with the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage, a trim that pays homage to its iconic roots. This nostalgic model combines classic design elements with modern features for a unique driving experience. With vintage-inspired details and retro touches, the Heritage trim stands out on the road.

The 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage is not just about looks; it packs a punch under the hood too. Equipped with powerful engine options and advanced off-road capabilities, this model is ready to tackle any terrain with confidence. Whether you’re cruising down city streets or venturing off the beaten path, the Heritage trim delivers performance and style in equal measure.

Unleash your inner adventurer behind the wheel of the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage. From its distinctive exterior styling to its rugged durability, this trim exudes a sense of freedom and exploration. Experience driving reimagined with a touch of nostalgia in every journey you take in this timeless vehicle.

2023 Ford Bronco Badlands®

When it comes to the 2023 Ford Bronco Badlands®, off-road enthusiasts are in for a treat. This rugged trim is designed to tackle the toughest terrains with ease, thanks to its advanced suspension system and all-terrain tires. The Badlands® exudes a bold and adventurous spirit, making it perfect for those who crave adrenaline-filled outdoor adventures.

Equipped with an available Sasquatch Package that includes 35-inch tires and front stabilizer bar disconnect, the Badlands® is ready to conquer any obstacle in its path. Its Terrain Management System offers various drive modes tailored for different conditions, ensuring optimal performance no matter where your journey takes you.

Inside, the Badlands® boasts a refined interior with durable materials and modern technology features. From its comfortable seats to its intuitive infotainment system, every detail is crafted with both functionality and style in mind. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or cruising down city streets, the 2023 Ford Bronco Badlands® delivers unmatched versatility and capability for drivers seeking thrills off the beaten path.

2023 Ford Bronco Wildtrak®

Introducing the 2023 Ford Bronco Wildtrak®, a trim designed for off-road enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. With its rugged exterior and advanced off-road capabilities, this model is ready to conquer any terrain you throw at it. The Wildtrak® comes equipped with features like electronic-locking front and rear differentials, Trail Control™, and an available Sasquatch Package for added performance.

Inside, the interior of the Wildtrak® offers comfort and convenience with premium materials and modern technology. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or cruising on the highway, this Bronco trim delivers a smooth ride with its suspension system tuned for both on- and off-road driving.

When it comes to customization options, the 2023 Ford Bronco Wildtrak® allows you to choose from various packages to tailor your vehicle to suit your preferences. From appearance packages to technology upgrades, there are plenty of ways to make your Wildtrak® stand out on the road or trail.

2023 Ford Bronco Everglades™

The 2023 Ford Bronco Everglades™ is designed for those who crave off-road adventures with a touch of luxury. With its unique exterior styling and rugged capabilities, this trim stands out on the road and in the wild.

Equipped with features like marine-grade vinyl seats and silicone-sealed switches, the Everglades™ is built to withstand harsh conditions while providing comfort during your exploration. Its distinctive interior design reflects its adventurous spirit, making every drive an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re tackling rocky terrains or cruising through muddy trails, the Bronco Everglades™ delivers exceptional performance with its advanced off-road technology. From water fording to trail control, this trim ensures a thrilling ride no matter where your journey takes you.

Unleash your adventurous side and conquer new horizons with the 2023 Ford Bronco Everglades™ – a blend of rugged durability and refined elegance that elevates every off-road escapade.

2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited

The 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited trim is a true standout in the lineup, combining classic design elements with modern features for a unique driving experience. This special edition pays homage to the original Bronco’s heritage while offering top-notch performance capabilities.

With exclusive exterior color options and vintage-inspired details, the Heritage Limited exudes style and nostalgia. Inside, premium materials and advanced technology create a comfortable and connected cabin environment.

Equipped with off-road capability enhancements like standard Sasquatch™ Package, this trim is ready to tackle any adventure with confidence. The powerful engine options ensure optimal performance on various terrains, making every drive thrilling.

Whether you’re a longtime Bronco enthusiast or looking for a distinctive SUV that stands out from the crowd, the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited offers exceptional craftsmanship and off-road prowess in one impressive package.

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor®

The 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor® is the epitome of off-road performance and capability. With its rugged design and powerful engine, this trim is designed for those who seek adrenaline-pumping adventures on any terrain.

Equipped with specialized features like a high-performance suspension system, skid plates, and aggressive tires, the Bronco Raptor® can conquer even the toughest off-road challenges with ease. Its enhanced durability and robust build make it a top choice for enthusiasts looking to push their limits.

The interior of the Bronco Raptor® offers a blend of comfort and functionality, with premium materials and advanced technology ensuring a seamless driving experience both on and off-road. Whether tackling rocky trails or cruising through city streets, this trim delivers unparalleled performance without compromising on style.

If you’re someone who craves excitement and thrills behind the wheel, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor® is sure to exceed your expectations in every way possible.

Customizing Your Ford Bronco

New for 2023, Ford has introduced two new Bronco Heritage models that offer a blend of vintage design cues with modern technology. These special editions pay homage to the iconic heritage of the Bronco while providing updated features for today’s drivers.

In addition to the unique Heritage models, there are various available extras for the 2023 Bronco that allow you to customize your vehicle to fit your specific needs and style. From roof racks and off-road lighting kits to upgraded suspension systems and interior accessories, the options are endless when it comes to personalizing your ride.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced off-road capabilities or seeking a more luxurious driving experience, customizing your Ford Bronco allows you to tailor your vehicle exactly how you want it. With so many customization options available, building your dream Bronco is easier than ever before.

New for 2023Two new Bronco Heritage Models

Exciting news for 2023 Ford Bronco enthusiasts! This year, Ford is introducing two new Heritage Models to the lineup, offering even more options for customization and personalization. The new models are designed to pay homage to the iconic Broncos of the past while incorporating modern features and technology.

The Bronco Heritage Models will come with unique exterior color options, special badging, and exclusive interior accents that set them apart from other trims in the lineup. These limited-edition models are sure to turn heads on and off the road, combining classic styling with contemporary performance.

Whether you’re a long-time Bronco fan or a newcomer to the brand, these new Heritage Models offer a fresh take on an American classic. Stay tuned for more details on pricing and availability as they become available from your local Ford dealership.

Available extras for the 2023 Bronco

When it comes to customizing your 2023 Ford Bronco, the available extras can truly elevate your driving experience. From off-road accessories like skid plates and rock rails to stylish upgrades such as unique grille designs and wheel options, the possibilities are endless.

Enhance the functionality of your Bronco with practical add-ons like roof racks for extra storage or towing packages for increased utility. You can also opt for tech upgrades like advanced navigation systems or premium sound systems to make every journey more enjoyable.

Personalize the interior with seat covers, floor mats, or even custom trim accents to match your style preferences. Exterior enhancements like hood decals or splash guards can give your Bronco a distinctive look that sets it apart on the road.

Consider adding performance upgrades such as lift kits or upgraded suspension components for improved handling and capability off-road. With a wide range of available extras, you can tailor your 2023 Ford Bronco to suit your unique needs and preferences effortlessly.

Explore Different Configurations

When it comes to exploring different configurations for the 2023 Ford Bronco, there are various trims and options to consider. Each trim offers unique features and capabilities tailored to different preferences and needs.

Comparing configurations allows you to see how each model differs in terms of performance, off-road capabilities, technology features, and design elements. Whether you prioritize ruggedness or luxury, there is a configuration that suits your lifestyle.

Selecting the right trim involves assessing your driving habits, terrain preferences, and desired level of customization. The base model might be perfect for daily commutes while the Badlands trim could be ideal for adventurous off-roading enthusiasts.

By understanding the nuances between trims and configurations, you can make an informed decision on which 2023 Ford Bronco best fits your personality and requirements.

Comparing configurations and trims

When customizing your 2023 Ford Bronco, it’s essential to compare the various configurations and trims available. Each trim offers unique features and capabilities tailored to different preferences and driving needs.

The Base trim provides a solid starting point with essential features for off-road adventures. On the other hand, the Big Bend® adds more comfort amenities perfect for daily driving.

If you’re after rugged durability, consider the Black Diamond® trim designed for challenging terrains. The Outer Banks® radiates a more refined style while maintaining off-road prowess.

For those seeking a touch of nostalgia, the Heritage model captures the classic Bronco design elements combined with modern innovations. Meanwhile, the Badlands® trim is built for hardcore off-roading enthusiasts who crave ultimate performance.

Exploring these configurations will help you find the perfect fit based on your lifestyle and preferences when selecting your 2023 Ford Bronco.

Selecting the right trim for your needs

When it comes to selecting the right trim for your 2023 Ford Bronco, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. Each trim level offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different types of drivers.

The Base trim is a solid choice for those looking for a no-nonsense off-road experience at an affordable price point. If you desire more comfort features and technology, the Outer Banks trim might be the perfect fit with its stylish design elements.

Adventure seekers may find the Badlands or Wildtrak trims more appealing due to their enhanced off-road capabilities and rugged exterior styling. For those wanting ultimate performance, the Raptor trim stands out with its powerful engine and specialized components designed for extreme terrain.

Take some time to explore each trim level in person at your local dealership to get a feel for which one best aligns with your driving needs and style preferences.

Visit Dealership for a Test Drive

Ready to experience the thrill of the 2023 Ford Bronco for yourself? Visiting the dealership is your next step towards finding your perfect configuration. It’s where you get to see, touch, and feel the rugged elegance of this iconic vehicle up close.

When you arrive at the dealership, take a moment to envision yourself behind the wheel as you explore all the features and options available. From advanced technology to off-road capabilities, each trim has something unique to offer that suits different lifestyles and preferences.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request a test drive. The knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the ideal trim level that matches your needs and desires. Remember, nothing beats experiencing firsthand how it feels on the road.

So why wait? Schedule a test drive appointment today and embark on an adventure with one of Ford’s most legendary vehicles – the 2023 Bronco awaits your command!

Vehicle You Want To Test Drive

So, you’ve done your research on the 2023 Ford Bronco and now you’re eager to get behind the wheel. Picture yourself cruising down the open road with that iconic Bronco design leading the way. The question is, which trim level speaks to your adventure-seeking soul?

Maybe it’s the rugged appeal of the Black Diamond® or perhaps you’re drawn to the refined elegance of the Outer Banks®. With so many options available, each tailored for different preferences and lifestyles, choosing can be both exciting and challenging.

But fear not! Your test drive is your chance to experience firsthand how each trim handles on various terrains. Whether it’s off-road capabilities or city driving comfort that matters most to you, getting behind the wheel will provide valuable insights into which configuration suits your needs best.

So go ahead, schedule that test drive appointment at your local dealership and prepare for an exhilarating journey filled with possibilities in your future 2023 Ford Bronco.

Schedule a Test Drive Appointment

Ready to experience the thrill of driving the 2023 Ford Bronco for yourself? Schedule a test drive appointment at your nearest dealership today.

Test driving allows you to get behind the wheel, feel the power of the engine, and explore all the features and capabilities this rugged SUV has to offer. It’s your chance to see how it handles different terrains, from city streets to off-road trails.

By scheduling a test drive appointment, you can work with knowledgeable staff who can guide you through all the available configurations and trims. They’ll help you find the perfect match based on your preferences and needs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to truly understand what sets the 2023 Ford Bronco apart. Contact your local dealership now to schedule your test drive and start your adventure behind the wheel!


Customizing your 2023 Ford Bronco is an exciting journey filled with a plethora of options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. With various trims, new models, and available extras, the possibilities for personalization are endless. By exploring different configurations and selecting the right trim that aligns with your needs, you can create a Bronco that truly reflects your style and adventure requirements.

To experience the thrill of driving a customized 2023 Ford Bronco firsthand, visiting a dealership for a test drive is essential. Whether you’re eyeing the ruggedness of the Badlands®, or the heritage-inspired design of the Heritage Limited model, getting behind the wheel will help solidify your decision.

So, start planning your ideal configuration for the 2023 Ford Bronco today and get ready to embark on unforgettable off-road journeys tailored to match your unique taste and aspirations.

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