Technology and Enhanced Services Moulding the Oil and Gas Industry

Moulding the Oil and Gas Industry

Just like most industries, the oil and gas industry is constantly changing and modernizing technologies so that instruments and humans can do the job more efficiently.

According to an article by Amit Mathur in, digital technology is gaining more momentum as time moves forward.

How Digitization is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry:

We have seen that big data has helped numerous industries take advantage of new tools to streamline their workforce and better satisfy their supply chains. These advanced analytics retrieved from new technologies, sensors, and automation can improve efficiencies when it comes to oil field drilling and production. Advanced analytics are also being used to enhance the performance of refineries and chemical plants.

According to, there are even more technology trends coming to the oil and gas industries:

  • Low-Code or No-Code App Developments: To stay on top of the curve oil and gas companies are utilizing a digital-first strategy as they rush to digitize their business. Research firm Gartner states that 70% of new apps will utilize LCNC tools within the industry.
  • Robotic Process Automation:  RPA has been gaining in popularity because of the diverse data the technology can provide. It will automate tasks, process data and create reports. When wells are closing, the robot can reduce closing time and reduce human errors. In a $42 billion industry by 2030, oil and gas producers are looking for new and improved ways to enhance productivity.
  • AI and Machine Learning: It’s hard to find an industry at AI and machine learning haven’t touched. In the oil and gas sector, AI offers numerous benefits. They can use AI to determine the value of well locations and create drilling plans for the geography of the specific area, reducing risk. AI can also offer seismic information and risk insights. Machine Learning offers gas/oil companies insights from the data generated during operations. This data can be used to improve efficiency and enhance the decision-making process.

Tools of the Trade:

Just as technology has been a welcome addition to the oil and gas industry, there are other tools as well that continue to help workers in the field do the job to the best of their ability.

Companies like Renegade Services offer a wide array of services that can further enhance productivity at the job/drill site. Similar services should offer some or all of these services:

  • Injection profiles
  • Local expander
  • Gunhandler
  • Pipe recovery services
  • Wireline services
  • Downhole insight

With every project undertaken, the best tools and technologies should be utilized to provide a positive outcome.

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